Diamonds, both natural and lab created, are one of the most coveted and admired gemstones across the world. Their brilliant shine and association with love and marriage has made them a popular choice with many people. When we think of diamonds we think of engagements, which tend to be the most popular purpose for most rings today.


We use natural and lab created diamonds known as moissanite (pronounced mwah-san-night) any no synthetics, crystal, or glass. All of our diamonds are reviewed by a GIA® trained specialist. We also carried GIA® reports on high-value diamonds, giving our clients confidence in their purchase.


Lab Created Diamonds- The Alternative to Mining

Lab created diamonds are different from cubic zirconia or crystal/glass options. Lab created diamonds are grown from the same material as natural diamonds, but in a special environment that reproduces the same quality product but without the millions of years wait.

One major difference between moissanite and is brilliance. Moissanites tend to have a much brighter brilliance than natural diamonds with no natural inclusions or color minerals. Moissanite can also be reviewed and come with a GIA® report, adding value and confidence in your lab created gemstone.


Wyger & Co Jewelry sources both natural and lab created diamonds to suite our clients various taste and preference.