The Gemological Institute of America, known commonly as GIA®, is a nonprofit institution that grades and analyses gemstones. While most commonly used to grade and analyze diamonds, GIA® also analyzes (but does not grade) colored gemstones and pearls. The organization is renowned worldwide for their grading and analysis services as well as training gemologists that are employed in the jewelry business.


What GIA® Does

Be cautious of any retailer who claims GIA® "certification"; the GIA® does not certify gemstones and states so on their website. Their process is to simply analyze and determine features of a stone such as cut, clarity, color, and carat (size). While diamonds are graded and analyzed by GIA®, colored gemstones are not graded. In many cases they are also able to tell you the origin of a stone and also if it was lab created or natural.


GIA® Reports

At Wyger & Co Jewelry, we use currently only use GIA® labs in the USA to analyze our gemstones when we work with a new supplier and when the carat weight and gemstone type are of high value. Our clients are also welcomed to use our GIA® Services to have their own gemstones or those we sell analyzed for a fee, which varies depending upon whether it is a gemstone or diamond and carat weight.

GIA® reports typically take around 4-6 weeks, sometimes longer or shorter, depending on how busy they are at any given time. We cannot guarantee an exact time frame until the gem is received by the lab, however, once the lab gives us an estimated date we will provide it. In addition clients can, in some cases, have their gems sent directly to them once analyzed. 


Beware of Fake Reports Online

It has been reported that there are fake GIA® reports being sold with gemstones in some online platforms. GIA® has been working hard to crack down on these and buyer's should always verify a certificate directly with the GIA® online at or by phone at 1-800-421-7250. We also recommend using a reputable jeweler when getting GIA® reports.


GIA® Gemologists

Where possible, we use GIA® gemologists to review stones in-house or when our suppliers employ certified gemologists. These individuals have been specially trained by GIA® to identify and analyze gemstones. Some are certified on diamond, others colored gemstones & pearls, and some have been certified on all. 


GIA® is a registered trademark of the Gemological Institute of America, Inc, a nonprofit 501(c)(3).