Rubies have a long tradition in history of being one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. Prized for their red color and beauty, their name derives from the Latin word ruber, which means red. Their red color is caused by the element chromium which is found in their formation.


Natural vs. Lab Created

Natural rubies can be found in many places including Burma (Myanmar), Mozambique, Tanzania, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Madagascar. These gems almost always present some type of inclusion and very rarely are 100% clean.

Lab created rubies have the same elemental composition as natural rubies, but are created in a lab which replicates in weeks what takes nature millions of years to develop. While lab created gems are chemically identical to natural rubies, natural rubies have a higher value, even with imperfections.


Our Rubies

At Wyger & Co Jewelry we carry most natural rubies in various clarity and cuts. Our rubies are 100% natural and genuine; some include GIA® reports which describe the characteristics of each stone submitted.

On the rare occasion we do carry any lab created rubies, we specify those both in the advertisement and Certificate of Authenticity we include with each jewelry piece.