Spinels are precious stones that are not talk about a lot but we love them. These gems are prized for their color and likeness to other gemstones such as rubies. In fact, spinels were once mistaken for rubies which we know from one of the most famous spinel gemstones, The Black Prince's Ruby. This spinel is found in the British Crown Jewels as a cabochon, or rounded (unfaceted) gemstones.


Natural Sourcing

Spinels are commonly found in Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Kenya, and Madagascar. We source all of our spinels from natural deposits in the above named locations.


Why Choose Spinel

Spinels tend to be a popular choice for those looking for ruby-like gems that are not lab created. Spinels also have a bit of a lower price point than natural rubies, but some sizes can be almost comparable in cost depending on quality. Spinels come in other colors such as black and the more rare blue spinels, which fetch a higher price as they are difficult to source.


If you are looking for a natural gemstone alternative to rubies, we recommend considering spinels.