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Jewelry Plating - Choice of 24k Gold or Rhodium Plating

Jewelry Plating - Choice of 24k Gold or Rhodium Plating

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We offer professional plating services for rings, earrings, and necklaces. Whether your original plating is worn out or you are looking for a new surface for your jewelry, our jewelry plating service delivers quality results every time.

Our electroplating bath process cleans your piece, treats the surface to accept the plating, and then the plating itself. You will receive your item back with instructions for care and peace of mind in knowing your jewelry is has a new shine.


Rhodium vs. White Gold

Rhodium is a precious metal, and one of the most expensive metals on the market. As of April 2022, rhodium has a price of nearly $19,000/oz! There are some jewelry made from rhodium but it is mainly found in plating application. 

So, what is the difference between rhodium and white gold? Nothing. Rhodium is also known as white gold in the industry, so most pieces you find that state white gold means that there is rhodium in the metal. Sterling silver is sometimes confused with rhodium, but sterling silver tends to have a duller finish and rhodium is brighter.

Rhodium is harder than pure gold and its finish typically lasts longer. Rhodium plating can go for several years without needing additional servicing.


24k Gold Plating

24k gold means that the gold content is around 99.9% pure gold. Rings and jewelry made out of 24k gold tend to be softer and more easily damaged. With electroplating, you keep the strength of your base metal with the finish and appearance of real pure gold.


How It Works

After you place and order, you will be given an address to mail your jewelry. We recommend customers use USPS Priority Mail with tracking to ensure their piece is delivered. Upon receipt we will typically process your order within one to two business days. (We do not do plating services over the weekend) If we are experiencing a high volume of plating service orders, this could take a few additional days.

Once your piece is complete, we will email you to let you know it is on its way back. We will ship back all orders via USPS Priority Mail, free of charge. If you would like another service, please contact us for additional costs. 

There are no refunds for plating service. 

You will also receive our simple care guide to ensure your plating lasts.


Plating Guarantee

We guarantee our plating service under normal use conditions. Plating can last years while some only a few months under harsh conditions. Our 6 month guarantee means that if you plating wears under regular light use, we will re-plate your piece free of charge, minus shipping and handling charges. 

Plating guarantee will be voided on pieces that are damaged, scratched, or used heavily in environments with contact to chemicals (household and industrial) and excessive water. Under normal hand washing conditions with mild soap, your plating should still be durable.


Plating Product

We only use high-quality professional plating solution and equipment. 


Items We Cannot Plate

We cannot and do not plate chrome, stainless steel*, copper, or nickel metal surfaces. These types of metals require special treatment and are usually more expensive to plate than worth. We will, however, offer stainless steel plating in the very near future.

We also do not plate gun parts of any kind, knives, weapons, or parts larger than 5" in solid size.


At Home Plating- Story of Caution

You may have come across some at-home kits for plating to save time and money, which are abundant on many ecommerce platforms. Someone typically sells a homemade kit with an electrical charge device and metal solution for prices around $100 to almost $1,000. If you read the reviews on many of those products, you will see why we caution jewelry owners on these kits; especially if you have valuable pieces. The stories from these buyers range from damaged pieces to the electroplating not taking for holding correctly. Electroplating requires the right professional equipment to be done and done right.

Some plating solutions can also be expensive for the casual user. Rhodium solution alone can cost anywhere from $500 for 2 ounces up to almost $2,000 for a larger bottle. Most DIY users will never go through that much solution on their own to justify the high costs. That is why we always recommend you use a professional service, even if it is not ours. In the long run it will save you time and money while keeping your jewelry safe and properly maintained.

Picture & Product Variation

Some products may slightly vary in color amd/or appearance from the images based on lighting, illistrations, or natural causes such as cultured pearls and mined/faceted gemstones.

Care Instructions

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    All orders over $500 include free shipping via USPS Priority Express, UPS, or FedEx, including insurance and requiring signature confirmation.

  • Hassle-free Warranty

    Rings, pearls, and other jewelry each have various warranty policies. We strive for client satisfaction and offer quality services to handle any exchanges, refunds, or replacements.